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Sur route
To get directions between 2 locations, move the green marker to the departure and the red one to the destination. Note that your last route will be displayed.
To personalize your route to go through other locations:
  • Click the route line and a small marker will be added. Move it to the desired location.
  • The directions will be grouped for each of those destinations.
  • To delete a marker, click it with the mouse right button.

Also possible:
  • Enlarge or reduce the directions zone by clicking the separator and dragging it. 
  • To get rid of the instructions, click the square to the left of the “Directions” word on the map.

"Directions" Online Help

To create an itinerary and get directions: To modify the itinerary:
You like the itinerary you created? Use one of the 2 available possibilities above the map:
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